1-1.45pm Thursday 9 September 2021

Panel Chairs: Dr. Annesha Makhal, Dr. Katrien Steenmans, Dr. Shantanu Mullick and Dr. Jordon Lazell, Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University

Much more action and incentives are needed to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12.3 (halving per capital global food waste along production and supply chains). A strategy towards ensuring the achievement of this goal is requiring businesses to report how much food waste they generate. With some areas of the world already introducing such measures, and the UK currently looking to introduce such measures, this panel debate takes a look into their effectiveness and potenital, challenges that arise and longer term implications.

The panel debate seeks to answer the following questions:

How confident that mandatory food waste reporting requirements will have the desired impact? Are and, if so, what other complementary actions are needed to ensure the usefulness and value of mandatory food requirements?

What are the shortcomings of mandatory food requirements?

What are some of the key lessons learnt from existing mandatory food waste reporting elsewhere?

What creative solutions are being applied or are currently being developed to aid businesses in both tackling and reporting their food waste?


· Martin Bowman, EU Campaigns Manager, This is Rubbish

· Dr Carrie Bradshaw, Lecturer in Law, University of Leeds

· Francesca Goodman-Smith, Transform Program Leader, Fight Food Waste CRC